A digital version of the full program is available here.

Friday May 12, 2017

18:30-20:00 Panel Discussion (Room C)
20:00-23:00 Reception

Saturday May 13, 2017

7:30-8:45 Breakfast
8:45-8:55 Welcome and Opening Remarks (Room C)
9:00-10:50 Concurrent Panels 1 and 2
10:50-11:00 Break
11:00-12:20 Concurrent Panels 3 and 4
12:20-1:20 Lunch
1:20-2:40 Keynote Address (Room C)
2:40-4:00 Concurrent Panels 5 and 6
4:00-4:10 Break
4:10-6:00 Concurrent Panels 7 and 8
6:00-6:10 Closing Remarks (Room C)


Panel 1: Sex and Violence
Amy Clanfield
Morgan Oddie
Leah Valentine
Muhamed Riyaz

Panel 2: Modernity
James Kwateng-Yeboah
Emily Halprin
Ruth Chitiz
Hannah Sourisseau

Panel 3: Antiquity
Aaron Ricker
Alissa Droog
Iris Liu

Panel 4: Nature and the Environment
Malith Kur
Caelen Salisbury-White
Galen Watts

Panel 5: Ritual and Experience
Mathew Arthur
Dana Sidebottom
Jack Stanley

Panel 6: Objects and Images
Monica Grigore Dovlete
Stacie Swain
Marlene Misiuk

Panel 7: Bodies
Mark F. Novak
J. Julian Butterfield
Junyu Ke
Emmanuel Chaput

Panel 8: Identity
Aidan Gray
Jenna Mowbray
Jacob DesRochers
Emily Jane Pascoe